About Us

About Us

The More Design story began with an ID based team who are enthusiastic in designer furniture and designer lighting, they involve in high-end designer furniture sale consultation for many years. Year by year, they felt that beautiful designer pieces should be own by majority of people, not just for "super rich". Back then, the popularity of the internet got the team so excited and prompted the launch of their e-commerce store, making More Design one of the most comprehensive designer furniture online store in ASEAN. It was at this time that their new mission statement was formed – to set the trend in affordable and extraordinary designs piece, providing opportunity for everyone to decor & design their homes and spaces with an edge. 
Why More Design?
We set the trend in replica and extraordinary design 

We set the standard for high quality reproductions of classic pieces, choosing only the best designs from the vast field of designer furniture. More than that, we love design pieces and we will continually sourcing innovative and creative new products with an edge, from designer chair, designer lighting to decor.

Unique and high quality products

Most of our stock is made exclusively for us or supplied by from thriving companies who are put to the test by our rigorous quality control standards. Even our replicas are often different and continually prove to be better than the rest in quality and ware.

Range of styles and colors

Our extensive range means there’s something to suit everyone, whether you are choosing a piece for your home, workplace or business. Our dynamic team able to provide professional consultation on an interior solution to suit your space, needs and budget. We aim to help you create a better space with your individual style, offering designer furniture, designer lighting and decor that can be as small or as large as you like.

Embracing your individual style

We want you to be able to express yourself with pieces that match your individual flair and panache, no matter what style you love. If you see a designer chair you love but it’s not the right color, it may be possible to customize it especially, just for you. We are dedicated to maintaining a standard of service that means wherever possible, you always own what you desire. 

Superior and affordable designs

We search high and low to find the best quality pieces made from high quality materials.  Each design is carefully selected and tested to meet our standards before it goes on sale. Whether it’s one of our famous designer furniture or an new design, we only sell the best. Our mission is to offer a range of products to suit every budget, providing quality design that is within everyone’s reach and budget.

We value you 

Buying designer furniture and designer lighting is more than just a process; it’s an experience that should be fun. We want you to be happy, providing customer service that is second to none. Our policies and high level of service are at the center of our business, with our friendly team ensuring a rewarding experience every time you e-shop with us.


We know our products

After many years experience in the designer furniture and designer lighting industry, we have developed a keen eye for quality products and designs. Our team are extremely hands on, with a thorough quality control system that ensures all our products meet our high standards.

Information to take note

More Design will have our designer team to produce our own design.

But most of our products are reproduction furniture, will not be 100% similar compare to orignal brand and unit.

For reproduction unit will have different in material, size, shape and finishing.

We do encourage people who love beauty of original design buy from original brand and outlet.

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