Moredesign Supporter 

  Michelle Lee (TV host)    Amber Chia (Super Model) Ning Baizura (Singer) Gary Wong (Actor) Chan Fong 988 (DJ)    


 Michelle Lee: " Moredesign furniture is super chic! It couldn't have been any easier. My favourite piece of furniture is the sofa for sure though. As I love having friends around, I wanted a sofa that ws spacious enough and also cosy and this sofa from Moredesign is absolutely perfect!"




Amber Chia: " Furniture is a great and easy way to change and update your house, the mood concept. The reason i chose Moredesign is because i like custommade staff, especially with furniture.   



Ning Baizura: " An eye-catching range of designer-inspired furniture from More Design, The coffee table, TV console, small pedestals and a pair of black chairs complete the modern contemporary look."



Gary Wong: " I'm excited over the collaboration with this enthusiastic designer furniture store for my new home. "




Chan Fong: " Moredesign furniture is great for fix into my office space. Thanks for your help. "







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