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 Design is close to the art and many times when we start a new project we use to look for the right inspiration in its inexhaustible sources. Sometimes we can just find a few furniture masterpieces inside well know artistic movements as the modernist Antonio Gaudi's ones, but now for this new project we chose the bright, incredible and inimitable art of the master of the Art Nouveau poster desing Alphonse Mucha.

You can be lost inside his sensual strokes, elegant composition, harmonic curves, attractive colors... You can perceive the essence of a complete world, a whole era, a bright age only seeing his works. Rarely someone got so much with so little. The beauty of his pictures has passed into history and now, with the MUCHA collection we want to pay a sincere tribute to the best Art Nouveau master.

It was a real challenge to convert the beauty of his edgings in a beautiful backrest, it was difficult to translate the graphic language horn decades ago into a real plastic volume, it was almost impossible to give our creation the same spirit and taste of the brilliant Art Nouveau age... but I think we have got it.

MUCHA is completely made in techno-polymer finish available in white, black, yellow, orange, red and purple colors and Ws absolutely stackable and 100% recyclable.





1. pre order 6-8weeks, if need urgent stock contact sales person for stock available and stock color. (in stock not mean for all color in stock)

2. if need custom color, kindly contact sales person for more information. (only availble for project sale, not for home user)

3. For Uph item, please don't refer internet photo color as your wanted color, you have to pick a material code from our sale person before purchase it. 

4. product only available within Malaysia, excluded oversea delivery.


Color of the product might look different from different screen. 

If you are particilar with the color tone, you are advisable to reconfirm the color at your store before purchase it.

Some of the icon photo are edited, lighten up or retone. You are advisable to refer back our project photo or actual photo (without edit) before purchase. 

Once you confirm, no cash refund, but we allow client use back the credit to enjoy other item.

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